We cannot live without oxygen and we cannot get enough of it! That’s where the hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) chamber comes in. HBOT chambers are a therapy that delivers 100% oxygen to the person in the chamber to enhance the body’s natural healing qualities. The treatment is approved to treat a variety of conditions and does so by enhancing the white blood cells’ ability to eliminate bacteria, reduce inflation and produce new blood vessels.


There are a variety of health benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Read on to discover these benefits.

1) Treats Decompression Illness

Decompression Illness or Sickness (DCS) mainly develops in people that work in extremely high or low altitudes, such as pilots, miners, mountain climbers or aviators. The HBOT chamber is a reliable form of decompression illness treatment. The chamber reduces the number of dangerous bubbles that enter the bloodstream and sends oxygen to the tissues, which reduces swelling. A complete resolution of decompression illness symptoms can be achieved in one or a few HBOT chamber treatments. The body’s cells are then able to repair themselves more rapidly as they are exposed to more oxygen. In fact, according to the US Navy 6 treatment manual, HBOT is a preferred method of treatment for decompression illness.

2) Relieve Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Symptoms

Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning occurs when a person is exposed to the colourless, odourless gas carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide displaces healthy oxygen in the blood and reduces the oxygen in body tissues. Hyperbaric therapy can actually reduce the likelihood of future brain injury or nerve damage and delivers more oxygen to the body. HBOT can extend the lifespan of a patient with CO and reduce the death rate.

3) Treats Second or Third Degree Burns

HBOT is often used to treat second or third-degree burn patients. If a patient enters the chamber within the first 48 to 72 hours post-injury, oxygen to the body can rise by 12 times, which can prevent future tissue deterioration and even restore the damaged area. Natural healing processes can take place as the body realizes its tissue is no longer a threat. Even after the 72 hour period, HBOT promotes new tissue development in the body and encourages healing as the body produces new blood vessels. The chamber also offers contamination control as the white blood cells kill off bacteria. The result is often a shorter recovery period for burn victims.

4) Relieve Signs of Anemia

Anemia is the condition in which the body lacks viable red blood cells to carry sufficient oxygen to the body’s tissues. Anemia can range from mild to chronic and cause fatigue, chest pain, or mental health issues. HBOT can minimize symptoms of anemia by promoting oxygen to the body tissues and helps maintain viability of the heart, brain and other organs.

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