Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers have lately garnered a lot of popularity for being an effective treatment against many life-threatening ailments. Patients around the world suffering from thermal burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, brain and sinus infections, arterial insufficiencies and many more issues have been receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatments for all these issues. Needless to say, where there are many success stories, there are also several myths and false information being circulated around the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers. There is a lot of discussion about using Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for curing cancer and here are some facts around this subject.

 There is no doubt that oxygen is one of the most essential ingredients of life. Every cell in your body requires oxygen to thrive, grow or function. But when it comes to the relationship of oxygen with cancer cells there is a bit of a complication. It is this realization that has provoked many researchers to study and ascertain whether using oxygen is detrimental or beneficial for cancer patients. Although there are no definitive answers to it, many researchers claim that certain types of oxygen therapies, including hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy, can be effective in treating cancer.

 When human beings breathe, they pass oxygen to their lungs which is then carried to different parts of their body. Most types of cancer cells need oxygen to thrive and grow. This is why tumours continually make new blood vessels which can tap into your body’s oxygen supply through a process called angiogenesis. With quick development, most tumours outgrow their oxygen supply, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their growth is shunted. In fact, studies have indicated that many kinds of cancers actually thrive and resist treatment when they are deprived of oxygen. This observation has triggered the paradox that flooding oxygen to tumours that resist treatment when deprived of oxygen may possibly have an opposite effect. However, there is no definitive indication that this notion can help cure cancer successfully. Although hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be useful; how useful is still a topic of contention that is being tested through clinical trials.

 Unfortunately, information pertaining to the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for cancer treatment is surrounded by a lot of misguided information. Many people and hyperbaric oxygen therapy centres are taking undue advantage of this lack of information and confusion. It is extremely important to get all your questions answered from a reliable and trustworthy hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre such as Ontario HBOT Burn Healing. Whether it is burn healing, treatment or any kind of oxygen therapy, get your questions answered in a reliable and trustworthy way through Ontario HBOT Burn Healing.