Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, often referred to as HBOT, is an extremely safe and relaxing treatment that is completely drug-free. It is often used as a treatment for decompression illness, carbon monoxide poisoning and diabetic foot ulcers and can heal wounds and help with anti-ageing.

There are different types of chambers through which hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be conducted and the therapeutic effects of this treatment come from the supraphysiologic plasma oxygen concentration that is present, regardless of the chamber type. This will lead to a number of changes that can impact the body positively in very specific ways. Decreased inflammation, reversing hypoxia, revitalizing mitochondria, fighting off infections and improving the different stages of wound healing are all examples of how HBOT can affect the body.

HBOT can heal wounds no matter where they are in the body and does this by accelerating all of the stages of wound healing. It can upregulate the genes that are responsible for growth and repair and can downregulate the genes that are responsible for inflammation and cell death. This will result in a number of positive changes, including re-populating the areas that have been injured with new stem cells that have been released from the bone marrow, which would migrate to those injured areas. The treatment would also stimulate chondrocytes, which would produce new collagen, osteoblasts, which would lay down more bone, and fibroblasts, which would help make more connective tissue.

HBOT has the ability to reverse hypoxia and decrease inflammation and can heal wounds both large and small. Whether the wound is accidental, age related or the result of a surgery, HBOT can help make a difference, and this is why it is used to help treat diabetic foot ulcers, radiation injury from cancer treatments, thermal burns, and carbon monoxide poisoning and decompression illness. HBOT can also treat infections and is a bactericidal antibiotic.

While this treatment is still considered relatively new, most physicians would argue that HBOT produces results and that patients notice a big difference after their sessions. In some cases, depending on the condition, HBOT may be the only therapy needed. Your doctor will look at any underlying causes first to determine whether or not this treatment is right for you. Such causes will have to be looked at first so that change and positive results can be seen. If these issues are ignored, HBOT will be able to provide temporary relief but will not help with the patient’s recovery in the long run because other abnormalities were not addressed. For lasting improvements, you may have to make some lifestyle changes, including your diet.

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