Standard treatment of deep burns consists of split skin grafts but a new treatment combining SSGs and self-donated epidermal cells is proving to heal wounds better with minimal scarring. SSGs are able to treat large burns and while the results are good, the patient is often left with serious scarring. This new treatment aims to tackle both the burn and the scars and improves the healing while reducing the appearance of scars. When the two treatments are combined, studies show that patients see far better results.

Studies are still being conducted regarding this new treatment but so far the outcome has been extremely positive in all aspects, including pigmentation, wound closure, safety and scar quality. Researchers are taking a standard procedure and combining it with a new treatment to produce better outcomes for burn victims. This new treatment includes the use of self-donated, cultured proliferating epidermal cells harvested from a small donor site that is seeded into a collagen carrier to increase the chances of healing, improve the appearance of the scar and help the wound heal a lot faster.

Instead of using fragile sheets of cells during the transport process and operation, the carrier is used to help solve this problem while functioning as a wound dressing too. The studies found that epidermal cells could, in fact, heal wounds a lot faster and improve the quality of the scar cosmetically. This applies to both short-term and long-term scar functionality as well. The reality is that many burn victims are concerned about the scar quality and understandably so. They worry about how it will impact their life and the concerns apply to both the functional aspect as well as the cosmetic. The goal of this new technology is to eliminate those concerns so that patients suffering from burns do not have to worry about the effects. Researchers are aiming to find a solution that reduces the appearance of scars significantly while healing the wound in as little time as possible.

Extended hospital stays and the expensive cost of rehabilitation are also burdens on patients economically speaking and this new treatment aims to help patients heal as quickly as possible so that they can return to their normal lives and daily routine. While more studies will certainly be conducted, this one is very promising so far and offers patients an improved therapeutic method that can help treat severe burns.

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