Curious about how you can make the most out of your oxygen therapy treatment? This simple, non-invasive treatment can last for an extended period to heal the body, so it’s important to enjoy that time as best you can. Whether this is your first visit or your fourth, take these tips with you. Read our guide on all the do’s and don’ts for your HBOT therapy session below!

What Exactly Is The HBOT Chamber?


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
is a non-invasive and simple medical treatment that works to enhance your body’s natural healing process. It does so by keeping the patient in a total body chamber that is 100% oxygen.

Oxygen is one of the essential factors to sustain human life and when the body is injured, there is a blockage of flow to the tissues. The chamber’s atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled to allow extra oxygen to reach the damaged body tissue to start the healing process..

What Can HBOT Help With?


At Ontario HBOT Burn Healing, our staff of professionals works to treat inflammation at the source. HBOT can treat a variety of chronic conditions and help restore the body’s healing process. Here are some of the conditions HBOT can treat:

● Brain Injuries/Concussions

● Autism

● Cerebral Palsy

● Collagen production

● Lyme Disease

● Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

● Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

● Sport Injuries

Thermal Burns

First Aid for burns

What Can You Do In The HBOT Chamber?


The Ontario HBOT Burn Healing chambers provide the highest level of safety and comfort for our clients. Our quiet, individual mono-chambers are clean, comfortable and have many additional services for you to enjoy your session. Here’s what you can do in our HBOT chambers:

● Bring a book or magazine to read while the treatment is in progress.

● Watch a movie or show on our 24” flat-screen TV.

● Listen to music from the TV system.

● Take a nap on the clean linens and spacious environment.

● Bring a crossword puzzle book or sudoku book.

What Can’t You Do In The HBOT Chamber?


Hyperbaric technicians will always remind you of the items that are prohibited in the chamber. To save you time, it’s best to come prepared and follow the “don’ts” for the chamber which includes:

● Electronic items are prohibited, so don’t carry your cell phone, watch, fitness tracker or anything with a battery.

● Do not wear any makeup, perfume, hairspray or aftershave into the chamber.

● Dentures and partial plates must be removed before you enter.

● Jewelry and other accessories must be removed.

● Any flammable objects including matches, lighters or cigarettes are prohibited.

● Do not use oil-based or petroleum products before your session. This includes lotions, creams, nail polish, hair gel, etc.

● Food is prohibited so make sure to eat before your session.

At Ontario HBOT Burn Healing, we ensure the highest quality services to help your body heal naturally. Our professionally trained staff in Toronto will always treat you with the utmost care and compassion. Give us a call for more information today!